We are a Memphis based aerial imaging company operated by professional UAS/Drone pilots offering commercial services to clients in the Mid-South Tri-State area and beyond. We have highest safety standards, keep meticulous records of all flights and practice a regular maintenance schedule. We have made a significant investment of time and resources to equip our operators with the latest UAS technology and training on cutting edge software tools. We are FAA Approved & Insured for commercial UAS operation, meaning we offer services in compliance with all FAA rules and regulations minimizing risk to our operators and our clients.

What Sets Us Apart

There are other firms you could choose to work with. Here at Memphis Aerial, we believe we have a competitive edge over other companies.


It's not about being the cheapest or the most expensive, it's about delivering value to our clients.


Setting realistic expectations by clearly defining the scope of projects is vital to ensuring customer satisfaction.


We’re detail-oriented, have timely proposals, and complete statement of work before we start your project.

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